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Hamelman's WW levain #3

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Hamelman's WW levain #3

This is baked from Hamelman's "BREAD", levain breads.

I knew that the radiant heat from a preheated stone will result in an unmatched ovenspring, so i played with my steaming technique a bit to accomodate the stones.

Here is a picture:

The roaster lid had no hole, and no steam was injected. THe result is not bad, but the color suffered somewhat. I had to endure to hassle of tkeing the stones out after 15 minutes, and shifting the rack upwards to finish the loaves, otherwise the bottom will be charred.



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Help me understand why you removed the baking stone versus the roaster lid after 15 minutes, or am I misunderstanding?


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Thanks, Larry!

As i mentioned above,I removed the stones after 15 min. to avoid burning the bottom of my loaves, as i only utilize the bottom gas elements throughout bakes.