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Den Lepard's Roasted Potato Focaccia

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Den Lepard's Roasted Potato Focaccia

I am saving Txfarmer's 36 hour baguettes for next weekend, when I'll be home (for a few days) with my dear, powerful oven... ;-)


In my present situation, I opted for a simpler baking adventure, and made Lepard's focaccia, which turned out DELICIOUS!   I include a photo here, and for those interested in the description, a link to my blog


Good thing I went for a tough run this morning, it's the only way to counteract the calories packed in this baby... :-)




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this looks way good wish i could pull a piece from the screen of my computer i am a fan of putting the ingredients in the dough as opposed to topping it with them that way i dont lose any toppings/ingredients good job

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Love the crust! Awesome!