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Baguette is not white - why?

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Baguette is not white - why?

I've been trying baguette for a few tries,  I finally seem to get it right,  the shape,  the slashing,  the crumbs.  But my baguettes are not white.  Why?  I've been using Gold Medal AP flour,  German brand 550,  Gold Medal Bread Flour,  all of them did not turn out the baguettes that are white.  What might have gone wrong? or is it the flour?

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Are you over kneading?

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What made you think they are supposed to be white?  If you use unbleached flour, proper ingredients (flour, water, salt, yeast) and correct kneading techniques they will always come out with cream-colored, even yellowish crumb.

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Sorry to say but white crumb is a sign of overkneaded factory baguettes. The crumb should have a nice yellowish color. My organic flour has a very yellowish hue like dairy butter. When you treat the dough ok, the bread crumb should also be a bit yellowish.