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pizza dough

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pizza dough


        I have just made some dough for pizza. The same as i would a standard white loaf dough mix, using 100% bread flour.

I let it double in size, then knocked it about to deflate it, divided it in to portions and have frozen it..

What i would like to know is, after i defrost it, do i shape it then let it rise and then put toppings on?

or do i defrost let rise then shape and let rise again? Im a little confused being new to baking..

surley if i let rise then roll out ready for toppings, the yeast will deflate as i roll it, or flaten it into pizza shape?

Thankyou Phil

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Thank you thats perfect.. Have made it and it was fantastic.


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jim baugh

Hi there!

Dont expect your dough to rise to much after freezing, if at all. But frozen dough is good and I always try to keep some as back up.

Here is a link to our Pizza info, there are two links there you can check out.

Have a blessed day

Jim Baugh