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What? A Conveyor Loader?

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What? A Conveyor Loader?

Dear TFLers,

I recently [this week] discovered what a conveyor loader is. They seem so... perfect! I would love to somehow attain some of these in a standard full sheet pan size, but where do I go about looking for one of these? A massive google search found nothing, and so did a massive TFL search. What are these things, and where do bakers get them? Thanks.

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Here's one link:

Is this the kind of think you're looking for?


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For home use, the Super Peel ( ) works great.

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Just wondering if you can give me any hints on using the Super Peel?  The reviews sounded so great, so I bought one.  I have watched the videos on their site and I still can't seem to work it right.  Maybe I'm not coordinated enough!  I have actually given up on it (despite how much it cost) and just use it without the pastry cloth but in conjunction with parchment paper to get my breads and pizzas in the oven.  It seems like such a waste and I would really like to learn how to use it properly.  Thanks for any help!  Genie

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Hi Genie,

I find my SuperPeel very easy to use (and I have an extra-wide one).  With the canvass pulled all the way back on the peel, place on the canvass what you want to load into your oven.  Place the very tip of your SuperPeel on the back edge of your baking stone and orient the peel to around a 10 degree angle to the surface of your stone (do not lay the SuperPeel flat onto your stone).  Holding the canvass bar without moving it in one hand, gently slide the wooden peel back with your other hand.  Voila, your item has been loaded into you oven!  For a video, look here.



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Hi Genie,



My, we are all up early this morning.  Baking, I presume.  Thanks Steve for jumping in on this!

Trust me, it will be really easy to use.  Actually if you are trying to "coordinate" it you may be creating more difficulty than need be.  It will coordinate itself.  But, because it can be a little counter-intuitive, some people just have a little more trouble getting the initial hang of it.  It is also possible that there is some organic problem.

I would be happy to help you figure out what is going on.  If you could give me a call this morning, with peel in hand.  I will get us to the bottom of this!!



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When going to the Morris site provided by David, clink on the deck oven link in the right upper corner 1:25 total run time.  At the beginning of that video you will see a hand held loader sized for a small commercial oven, a high tech version of the Super Peel.  Would love to find one like this that would fit a home oven. If anyone comes accross a source for this type of loader, would be interested.  I suspect even a small model would be too large for the home user...

As Noonesperfect suggests, better yet is the Super Peel which gets rave reviews from users.  Alas I am hoping Super Peel comes out with a larger model at some point that would fit a 15" x 20" Fibrament stone- clever product and wish them well in their endeavors!!  One can dream?

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I think they have come up with a larger version. If you look at their order page on the link above, there is a super peel expander which, apparently, effectively increases the size to 16" x 20"

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Well............there is renewed hope for a larger version of the Super Peel.  I have been granted a new lease on life, by being able to retire a few years earlier than planned - Thank you very much NY State!

One of the first things that desparately needs attention is the birth of a larger Super Peel.  I met with one of our woodenware manufacturers last week reviewed some design options and re-stressed the importance of getting some prototypes done ASAP.  I will stay on them!!  It is most likely that the larger version will be an aluminum blade with a wooden handle.  This design will minimize weight, friction and general wood issues, while allowing for different sized blade inserts to go into a single size handle piece.

Comments on size or anything else welcomed.  I am likely focusing in on something in the 16" long and 20" wide range, which would fit into most home ovens.