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Using a stand mixer w/o paddle attachment

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Using a stand mixer w/o paddle attachment

I'm about to try making my first loaves using a Bosch compact mixer I just received via eBay.

As my guide, I'm working with BBA (which I love). Mr. Reinhart's recipes often call for a paddle attachment for the first stage of the wet mix. The Bosch compact doesn't come with a paddle; its mixing tools are a beating whisk, a stirring whisk and a dough hook. The Bosch instruction booklet states that the dough hook is the only tool that will stand up to yeast doughs.

Am I likely to get an excellent result using the dough hook throughout, otherwise following Reinhart's instructions for mixing time and speed? If not, can anyone suggest a tweak or two to adjust for mixing w/o a paddle attachment?




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The stirring whisk is Bosch's answer to the paddle. But for what its worth, I almost always just use the hook.

P.S. I loved my Bosch compact. I am sure you will love yours too.


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Hi Bob,

A couple weeks ago I tried the stirring whisk for the initial mix of one of PR's yeasted breads.  Worked like a charm and I found it easier to clean than my KA's paddle.

You only use it long enough to incorporate all the ingredients before switching to the dough hook.

While the dough hook will do the same, I think it takes longer.

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I can't wait to get started. This will be fun!