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Something's Gone A Rye

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Something's Gone A Rye

I made toast from San Joaquin Sourdough the day after it was baked, and the smell and taste of the rye flour (though only 10% of the total flour weight) was very prominent compared to the day before when the loaf was first sliced.  I've noticed the same thing with the Vermont Sourdough: it taste rye-ier after a day or two. Anybody else have this experience?  

It's actually kind of pleasant, as I like rye flavor.


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The different flavors are more distinct on day 1 in mixed-grain breads. After that, the flavors tend to meld. Sourness, on the other hand, may increase. 

I wonder if your perception was related to toasting, although I cannot say I've experienced the same.


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on this. I

n my experience the components of the bread are more discernible on the first day, the flavors meld after that and the taste is "rounder".


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I know I'm rounder the next day.



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I get on my bike and ride to avoid the rounder side effect of baking bread

(the one without a motor)