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Steam bread Maker

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Steam bread Maker

Has anyone used a steam bread maker in their oven and if so, what success did you have..would you endorse using one?  Does it really make a difference in the way in which the bread rises, texture, crust, etc.?  I saw this link on line and read some testimonials which seem impressive.

In addition...I am wondering if you have to worry about any damage to your oven and if so, what precautions do I need to take.


Thanks very much...



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Someone in TFL made his own, punched a hole into the top of a roaster pan lid and used one of these steam cleaner gadgets. 

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Would that be a reference to this?:




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I am trying to save money anyway I can these days...I am going to look into the link you provided and see if I can fashion a close facsmile to the real thing...any advice from anyone who has tried it would be most appreciated..


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Hand steamer:  $30.  Pan (at local Goodwill) $1



Bread:  Priceless:


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Jim Lahey's No-Knead methodology of placing wet dough in a pre-heated (500 degree F) covered pot [dutch oven] and then baking in a (450-475F) oven results in the same texture and crust that giant steam-injected ovens produce.

If you spray water into an oven in a regular sprayer bottle a few times during baking, you'll also get enough steam...

Or barring these two alternatives, place several ice cubes in a heat proof bowl on the rack beneath the one on which you place your bread dough.

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I have tried all of the methods discussed and recommended in these forums; some of them work fair and some work quite well. None I have tried work as well as this product.

Lots of people have come up with cheaper homemade alternatives. I wish them all the luck in the world. A La Cloche or a dutch oven works very well for one loaf. The Steambreadmaker will cook 3 loaves at once in my oven. Is it expensive...........absolutely. Would I buy it again..............yep! I have both sizes.

The proof:


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Thanks for all of your comments and photos..a picture is worth a thousand words!  I have alot to consider / think about and above all, aspire towards...when I look at your bread photos, I am inspired!

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I have both sizes and used them exclusively until I got a steam-injected oven.  I know  the home made ones don't have the lip of this manufactured one. The lip keeps the steam in better.  It costs about as much as replacing the glass in your oven door :)   Plus, you don't have to be without an oven while you wait for the parts to come.