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I made a stromboli today.  Pics are below.  They didn't turn out too great, but the stromboli was FANTASTIC.  I put onions in it, which one of my nieces and my nephew don't like.  Even though it still had an oniony taste after they picked out the onions, they said it was really good.  And, getting a compliment out of my nephew is very rare, indeed.  I put an egg wash on it, but it didn't brown as I had hoped.   But, this recipe was a keeper.  It was unanimous.

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Looks delicious :)

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They sound delicious, but the pictures don't show up on my computer, just a blank frame with a red x in the top left corner.  I've had this happen before, haven't a clue why.

I agree about the onions being great in a stromboli.  I cut them in matchsticks, toss them with a little oil, spread them on a rimmed cookie sheet, and roast them at 425 degrees F until they char slightly on the edges.  The shrinkage is considerable, so I start with a lot. I don't know much chemistry, but the Maillard Reaction is responsible for more than its share of human happiness :)

I use Parmesan, roasted onion, Pepperoni, and Provolone.  Mozzarella seems too mild in baked goods.

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I, also, can't see the pictures.