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Best pan for individual sticky buns

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Best pan for individual sticky buns

I'm working on a recipe for sticky buns and think I have the dough I'm looking for, and a slurry for the "goo" but I'm not happy with how the pans I'm using bake.  I'm getting a nice mahogany brown on the sides of each bun, but the bun tops (bottom in the pan) is coming out pale.  I think a better quality pan would help.  Mine are gray in color.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a different pan?

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I have often thought about giving my King Arthur hamburger bun pan a try for indivdual sticky buns.  I haven't tried it yet, though.  I think they would make a great size for a sticky bun.  Terry

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I personally would go with the muffin tins, but not non stick coated (that grey coating) I just use my plain old stainless steel ones, and they are shiny (albiet after the past 20 years picking up a bit of burned on stuff I can't get off) and they brown things nicely.

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I worked at a bakery for a few years and the cinnamon rolls and sticky buns were baked in those cheap disposable pot pie tins that you see in the supermarket only they were a bit larger.  I've looked at Smart & Final but haven't found them.  When/if I do, I'll get some.  If you put them to soak right after removing the sticky stuff, you can use them again a couple more times.

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I used to work for Udi's in the pastry department and and would make sticky buns like crazy.  We used over-sized muffin pans(sometimes calles texas muffin pans)

Webstaurant has quite a few selections to chose from, hoever some you ahve to buy a minimum amount like 3 or more.  but there are other sites to buy from.