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A different way to serve sandwiches !!

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chahira daoud

A different way to serve sandwiches !!


I just wanted to show you something that i started to make as a treat on parties buffets....It is a soft sandwich bread dough but i baked it in a big "ghee tin" then sliced it and cut each slice in four or even eight portions and started to fill it with whatever sandwich filling.

In the second pic I made two big loaves one is white and the other is brown i made a mix between white flour, whole meal and rye. Then sliced each one and create a new loaf one layer white bread with meat or chicken filling and the brown layer sandwiches filled with smoked salmon or tuna...It is a nice idea to present sandwiches...every one loved it you are the pics



The first pic was for a loaf before slicing it and i decorate its top...and the second one for a ready one made from two loaves and ready to serve.

I do not know if it is a new way or it is an old one but I think that i did not see it on the web before.

Wish you like it.

Chahira Daoud 


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This Day

Thank you for sharing with us, Chahira.  Your photos of your baked goods are always feasts for the eyes.

This Day

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chahira daoud

Thanks a lot dear...really appreciate your kind words ;))

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My sister used to bake her sandwich loaves in 64oz fruit punch cans. Perfect fit for bologna.

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coffee came in, as someone said a perfect fit for bologna. For some time we only had round loaves, as her bread tins went missing in a move. Finally she found them, but the bread was just never the same when it was baked in a loaf tin.

Great idea of using two different breads for the sandwich, bet you get a lot of comments on your inventiveness.