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Dutch Crunch Bread

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Dutch Crunch Bread

Today's bread was Dutch Crunch. I had never heard of it before and although I've only been baking bread for about 2 to 3 months now, it was pretty simple. Unfortunately, with a late start, the bread came out of the oven after everyone was in bed. (They went to bed early - not that I bake at ungodly hours). It's such a bummer when you can't have *someone* enjoy your bread as soon as it's ready or at least the same day. Oh well, I enjoyed it immensely...crunchy and slightly sweet crust, soft and fluffy crumb. So good. I used the recipe here:

Dutch Crunch RollNote: Update: When I stored these overnight in plastic baggies, I found they had lost their crunch. I recommend baking and serving the same day. ~Joan


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Interesting recipe. I've heard of this bread before. Is it eaten as a desert or is a a type of savory roll that would be use as a dinner roll or sandwich bun? I've marked the post - I'd like to try it.


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This is my favorite sandwich bread! It looks awesome. Thanks for the link. I'm gonna put this close to the top of my "to bake list". I know what you mean about having someone try one of your freshly baked goods. It's a thrill for me to know that somebody ate and enjoyed what I've just baked.

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Hey Trish,

While the top is a bit sweet, it isn't a dessert bread. In fact, from what I understand, it is most popular for sandwiches.

I also looked it up in The Bread Baker's Apprentice and Reinhart says that the topping is actually what is referred to as Dutch Crunch. It can be poured over most breads - loaf or standalone - before the final proof and then baked. He recommends it for most breads except French Bread with it's hard crust.

*One important note*  - After letting the rolls completely cool, I put them in plastic baggies - 3 to a bag - with twist ties. The next morning they had lost their crunch and the topping was about as soft as the rest of the roll. I was pretty disappointed and would definitely make them again if I can serve them the same day.

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I lived in Amsterdam for a number of years back in the early 70s. In Dutch the bread is referred to as "Tigerbroot" (Tiger Bread) or "Tiger brootjes (Small Bread or Rolls). Both were consumed the day they were baked. By the second day they would lose the crunch which made them distinctive. Of course, they were baked in neighborhood bakeries. I have not been back to the Netherlands for many years, and my friends there tell me that the local bakeries have given way to the supermarkets and their large scale baking operations. The old fashioned Tigerbrot is not as readily available as in the past. Chalk one more up to "progress".

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Interesting! I am definitely going to make these early in the day next time.

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We used to purchase this at the re-heat, wet your hands and rub over the crust.  Just reheat in the oven for a little bit and the crust will get crunchy again.  Thank you for posting recipe...I'm going to try this today.