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My attempt at cracking rye berries

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My attempt at cracking rye berries

I needed cracked rye berries to do my first bake from "Bread" by Jeffrey Hammelmann. All I could find were whole berries so here's what I did. First I froze the berries for about an hour, then a bit at a time, pulsed them in a coffee grinder, ran them through a strainer and kept saving the big pieces.

Made a big mess also. Got my version of cracked rye berry.


Happy Baking, Keith


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I've been there ;-)

Actually the only electronic device that game me almost acceptable results is the Vorwerk Bimby. A gross flour with some lumps is the best I could get.

I never tried a mill, unfortunately.


And what about the clouds of flour floating in the kitchen for hours? ;-)

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I applaud your determination on the rye. It's near impossible to find anything but the standard ground rye in the stores, depending on where you live.

I bake a lot of breads with some amount of rye and have resigned myself to buying mail order. There are two sources I like and both are members here. The Organic whole grain source that grinds fresh grain they grow on the property is my favorite for fresh ground. That's Organic Wheat Products in Minnesota. Her prices are great and the shipping is very reasonable. Rhonda has the best tasting WW and Rye flours I have ever used. I like to buy extra and freeze it.

The other source is New York Bakers in CA. Stan has a wide variety of specialty flours including a fine ground dark rye that is great. Here is the site for NYBakers.

Hamelman has some really great breads to try and most don't call for anything special. The rye breads are the exception. Good luck working your way through the book.


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I will check out your recommendations.