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Rolls or Sandwiches

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Rolls or Sandwiches

When I make French bread I like to shape some of the dough into rolls (petit gras batards) to use for Hoagies. They're very good, but there is one problem with them: When you bite into the sandwich, the filling tends to try and escape out the sides. I was thinking that a cavity in the rolls would provide space for the filling, and minimize this effect.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to an object I might put in the dough, before baking, so that when the object was removed from the baked roll after slicing it that there would be a cavity running almost the full length of the roll? I thought in terms of a ceramic rod, or a cylindrical stone, but couldn't come up with anything specific.


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Hi Barefooot,

This may not exactly be the answer that you're looking for but I find changing the way you build your sandwich allievaties the sliding sandwich meat problem.  If you add your mustard/mayo directly to the bread, it will cause the meats to slip and slide around.  Try adding you condiments inbetween your meats/lettucs.  The crumb from the bread should provide enough traction to keep your meats and veggies from sliding around!  This has always worked for me.

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Perhaps if you used a carved stone likeness of a person (kind of a voodoo doll, but without the voodoo), your sandwich roll would be like a little sarcophagus. Wouldn't that be fun for Hallowe'en?


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Awhile ago a food podcasting group did a podcast about the sandwich fillings sliding out, I think the the simplest way would be to revisit your sandwich construction methods, but a wooden dowel might do the job for you.

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The way we do it is to slice the bun open and pluck some of the crumb out of the middle, depending on the filling. Meat balls require more space than a steak sandwich for example. I use the crumbs for bread crumbs later.