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Eid cookies or biscuits !!

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chahira daoud

Eid cookies or biscuits !!

Hello dear friends....really i missed you all I am..sharing with you my latest bakes...Eid al fitr will be tomorrow..I was preparing for it one week ago may be more I had a lot of work...I baked 55 kilos of these goodies for some customers, for friends, and of course for us at home....It was too hard for me i am tired, ill, and need really a long vacation...but the most thing made me feel better that the people really loved it called me back to thank me and told me that they never tasted such great cookies before. Mmmmm but i think that i will not be able to continue , I am working in a my house in a very small kitchen. It was too hard really.

Here you are the pics...


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chahira daoud

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Hi Chahira, so good to hear from you again and to see all those tasty treats you've baked.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill and send you my best wishes for a swift recovery. 

Time to take a rest!

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chahira daoud

Thanks dear...a long time really, i am missing you all...i really need a vacation .. a special one..a lot told me about Siwa oasis, somewhere so far and so different, I will see.Thanks a lot dear.

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Chahira, good to see you posting here again. Your cookies look wonderful. You seem to always have such a nice touch to getting everything done perfectly at just the right point. With sweet goods that is not always easy to do. 55 Kilos is a lot to bake from your home. You must be exhausted.


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chahira daoud

Hello Eric..really missing you and all our fellows here...last days i was just on Facebook..i discovered that it is a useless place really...I am trying to quit visiting it.

I would like to catch with your bakes....I am missing the forum really.

Thanks a lot dear for your kind words..really appreciate it.

And yes I am very exhausted and depressed too..these last few months i was trying to start a real baking business but found how much impossible it is...anyway i should stop even thinking about it and calm down a little bit.

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Just love the variety and the colourful look of all the deelicious goodies.

I can see why you are down at the moment, but don't stop baking, just adjust your amounts! If it were me, I would be taking any funds from customers and plotting how to make my kitchen better! That is my next project after the room downstairs is finished, which went from cleaning the carpet, to doing the flooring with laminate and now I'm painting the walls as well. That is almost to the start, just some more stuff to move out so I can put the rest in the middle and cover it for the painting.

But my kitchen is next! Then on to the rest of the house!

By the way what are the filled cookies next to the jam thumbprints covered with sesame seeds, called, they look really interesting, and for me tasty!

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chahira daoud

Thanks dear Eva...Here is totally different..who would pay funds here??

To make a real business i should rent a and start with small professional equipments specially a decent small convection oven...have a small booth or even a small shop...

The filled cookies call "kahk" it is made of a yeasted cookies dough i add to it some mahleb too..unique and original..we use to make it just in eid alfitr it is filled with dates puree and i love to flavor it with cinnamon and cardamom.

They are really soooo delicious.

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they look very similar to a small pie that is baked in England, can't remember the name at the moment, since my fibro fog just hit. Eccles cakes! Ha! defeated the fog!

They are filled with currants, and mixed peel, and orange juice with a bit of rum to add to the flaour, and of course cinnamon and nutmeg. The shell is more pastry than a bread or yeast dough, and they are one of my favourites. The real problem with the ones available these days is they make them with puff pastry shells (the first ones I had were actually more like a bread shell, sort of cross between bread and pastry) the filling of course is full of things like artificial rum flavour etc, and they are heavily sprinkled with coarse sugar, and three times the size they really need to be. I have made my own from a very old recipe I found, and they are much closer to the first ones I ever had.

These sound very similar with the date puree and flavouring, and of course the cookie outside.

I am sorry that you cannot get your business off the ground without so much outlay, but am sure that if you really desire the outcome, it will eventually come to you. And why wouldn't people pay for such beautiful and delicious morsels. I certainly would, they look better than any I can find anywhere in my city. No one makes fancy cookies like that! They are all plain, peanut butter, oatmeal, gingersnaps etc, which while nice and always tasty, are not a visual delight like yours are. They are just so pretty, as well as I will bet tasty.

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These look fantastic!  I love the ones that look like they are snow covered!

Thanks for sharing,


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chahira daoud

Thanks we say "etfadal" it means come on and share it with us...

Thanks a lot for your kind words, really love to share it with all of you one day...We should suggest an international conference for all the freshloafers ;))

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It's good to see you back, to visit us with such lovely and delicious looking cookies.  Take care and rest up so you can keep baking!


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chahira daoud

Sylvia...missed you ....Thanks a lot dear..yeah i should have a long rest...keeping baking for me is just like keeping breathing...I'll try to keep posting..I love baking and baking lovers.

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Mini Oven

Cookies disappear quickly, pictures last longer!  You've got some great shots and they will look even better after your holiday.  Hope you get your needed rest.  Beautiful work you've done!  Thank you for sharing.


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I appreciate really beautiful cookies and these are clearly beautiful.  I know how hard it is to bake large amounts of cookies and give you a lot of credit for your effort.  But I'm sure your friends and family appreciated them.  You can give people recipes but that doesn't mean that everyone can make them as perfect as these.



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I love your cookies, so professional and delicious looking. Please do not be depressed. Your pictures and cooking adventures on your blog show your determination and talent for detail! I wish you could find a backer to start a small business, but in the meantime, step back, relax a little and the energy will flow again soon. You are far too talented to call it quits. And do not forget to  take care of yourself....Andrea from Minnesota where we will be "snow covered" in a couple of months)

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Thank you for your comments about my cookies.  I have a business with my sister outside of Boston. We make biscotti for caterers. I do all the testing and business functions, she does the production and sales I'm fine, but thank you for your concern.  I think it is chahira daoud that has been having some health problems.  Andrea, snow in a few months, I don't want to think about it we had very long and hard winters for the last few years. We had snow right up to June.  I'm in Florida right now enjoying the sun, hot but a nice change.



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Hello, What lovely cookies, breads and cakes you make (I took a look at your blog)! I really liked your sable cookies, in fact, all of those cookie varieties were shaped so perfectly and I bet they taste great too. So much work! Do you use a special mold or press to form your maamool cookies? I've never seen a cookie shaped like that before.  I just love your idea of an 'international conference for freshloafers', and thanks for posting these incredible pictures! With best wishes to you for rest and recovery, Regards, breadsong

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Welcome Back chahira, and happy eid to you and your family.


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Hello,  was wondering wher I can get the biscuit recipe in English? 


Thank you.

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eid is best occasion of celebration and joy and biscuit and cookies make on eid as a sweet dishes. kids like that kind of things for eat eid mubarak wishes