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Need Big Glass Bowl With Lid -- HELP!

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Need Big Glass Bowl With Lid -- HELP!


I've been looking -- and looking -- and LOOKING -- for a glass or ceramic (not plastic!) bowl that's 3qts or larger that also has a lid.  The lid can be plastic, I just don't want the bowl to be.


I need this for my bread dough ... I was using one of those great little Anchor Hocking 2qt batter bowls with a lid, but the dough routinely rises above the top of the bowl and ends up popping the lid off and crusting.  I can't believe what a tough time I'm having finding something larger that also has a lid.


Any ideas?





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Just a thought,  I use a glass bowl for the same pupose.  But, I have no lid.  Plastic cling wrap over the top of the bowl seems to work very well for me.  Might save some hassles using it. 

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This is what I'm doing at the moment, but I hate wasting that much plastic wrap (and I always seem to wad it up so I rarely can reuse).  It may be the only option, but I have to think somewhere my prince (of a bowl) awaits me ... 

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Hi, Elizabeth.

You can just buy a large glass bowl and use plasti-crap. However, I really like the silicon bowl covers carried by Sur la Table. They appear to be out of stock at the moment. Hopefully, they will continue to carry them.

The covers form an air-tight seal. They wash up easily. They come in at least 3 sizes.


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I also use silicone lids.  I don't like the floppy lids as much, as I find that when I put them on a bowl close to the size of the lid they stay for a while, but may just lose their structure and drop in.

I do my rises in a metal mixing bowl, with one of these:  The name of the product is a "Kuhn Rikon MagicCover".  It promises some things it's not too good at, like being useful to cover a boiling pot (hint: you don't want a steam burn, don't do it).

I like it because it's got a metal rim that holds the cover taut.  In addition to David's points, I like the fact that these lids allow extra pressure to escape, so when you lift it you're not usually going to cause a massive pressure change in the bowl after a rise (I don't know if this is a real problem, or just my own phobia :).

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midwest baker

I know these people have a 4 quart pyrex bowl with plastic lid. They also have other sizes. Inexpensive too!


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I purchased two of these and am very happy with them. Can't beat $10 and free shipping over $25.

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The Martha Stewart Collection of kitchen ware at K-Mart.  I bought a set of really nice glass bowls (the largest is huge) with plastic covers.  I use them quite a bit for all my baking needs.  I did switch over to these great plastic food storage containers I found at Smart & Final (due to counter dancing cats who knock stuff off) - you don't have to oil them and dough doesn't stick to them at all.  A big plus is that the tight-fitting covers keep in the moisture the proofing dough makes so you don't get a "crust" on the proofed dough.  They were about $7 for 3 of them and hold up to 4 liters of whatever you put in them.

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When I first started baking bread, my mom gave me a huge Watt Oven Ware (yellow ware) bread bowl.  I've since collected other matching bowls to nest inside and I use them all the time.  I usually just put a pan lid over the top or plastic wrap or a wet towel.   You can find big beautiful ceramic bowls on ebay or craig's list.  And there is something special about using something that has been lovingly used for decades....

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I avoid glass.  I eventually shatter it onto my tile floor.  After hunting around at my local restaurant supply house, I settled on a clear plastic graduated container with a snap-on cover.  I decided on one which holds 8quarts.

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The handiest lid for me are the plastic shower cap type cover. They come in pkgs of a bunch of different sizes nestled together. Also a box  of one size with a few. They are reusable until they get gunky or the elastic goes. Some I bought from Freddies (Kroger) were very large and cheap. The dollar store also carries them from time to time. 

Another optiion is a large stainless steel bowl with a plastic cover. Ross has them about 8 qt or so for about $10.00. 


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Mostly I use plastic tubs for bread as I enjoy their stacking qualities, but I understand that some people do not want plastic in contact with their food.

When I do keep bread dough in bowls, I use these vinyl covers.

(not to flog a specific retailer - but there they are) (For personal reasons, I don't use anything at home that reminds me of a hotel room - but that's me.)

Even in my dry, dry climate they do a good job of keeping the dough in good shape.

They do yeoman's work in my kitchen for a variety of other tasks.  I've even run them through the dishwasher - although that is not suggested...

Good luck on your search!

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cool, I didn't know they still made those things.  Thanks for the post