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Scale Review

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Scale Review

Greetings fellow Bread Bakers:

Does anyone have this scale?  I'm thinking of purchasing it. Here is a link:

Any advice????

Thank you and regards, .............Lyn awaiting Hurricane Earl on the East Coast of Canada!!!

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Here's a link to a previous discussion of the KD8000, with reports from Fresh Loavers who have them and who own other MyWeigh products:


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My experience is the "small" ingredients (yeast, salt) pose their own problems. (This is more -and perhaps only- a problem for very small dough batches, such as the single loaves I bake. I can see that for large dough batches -such as 5 loaves at a time- it wouldn't be an issue. One resolution I've found is to use the old teaspoons/Tablespoons; the other resolution is to get a scale with a resolution of only 0.1 gram rather than 1.0 gram (typically this is a second scale).

Hence my question to somebody that's done it: How does one use a "smart" scale that handles bakers percentages (but has only the usual 1.0 gram precision) to measure things like yeast for very small dough batches?

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I have two scales (a MyWeigh i5000, 5000/1, and a MyWeigh Axe, which is sold as 300/0.05 but actually seems to have 0.025 precision).  I got the Axe partly as a toy, but mostly to weigh salt so that I could get to the low side on any recipe rather than the high side, somewhat less salt being healthier than somewhat more IMHO.  That said, I still use the measuring spoons for yeast, other small ingredients, and even salt if circumstances make it easier; for home baking I don't think it really matters that much.  It is fun to try to get the salt to exactly 13.00 +- .05 grams on the first pour though!

Here's some of what I said about the KD8000's percentage calculator on the previous thread referenced above:

=== And that will also be the problem generally:  unless you are making baguettes by the ton you are always going to be wanting to try something a bit different, tweak a new process, etc, and what you are playing with won't fit the standard bakers percentage models exactly - making a computerized version of same useless.  I find a tablet of old columner paper, a 4-function calculator, and an 1880s textbook on caculating ratios to be of more use than various computerized approaches. ===

To me the built-in percentage function might be an interesting think to play with but probably wouldn't work in the long run.  But since the difference between the KD7000 and KD8000 is generally around $10, why not try it if you are interested?  You get a nice scale either way.



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Amazon has it at $31.95















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I have the KD-7000 and love it. It is large, Don't think your tossing this into the drawer when not in use. I actually like the size. I can put my largest mixing bowl on int and still have no problems reading the display. I have had mine for over a year with out any problems.

As for very small measurements. I use measuring spoons. Most of these scales are just not accurate enough for tiny amounts.

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Hi! I love my scales!!!  I just recently bought a small pocket scale -US-Ace from  It was $16.95.  It weights 0.01 g.  I use cupcake papers (liners) to scale yeast, sugar, salt.  It will actually give a weight for a cupcake paper!  It fits in the palm of my hand, and I use it all the time now.  I think it makes a nice addition to any scale. My second scale is big enough to accept the weight of my mixing bowl and 3 or 4 lbs of flours.,  I  don't know if the My Weight 8000 will weight this much but this combination of scales really works for me.  I also have an Escali that weights by volume or weight.  I use this one to convert recipes.  As I said I love my scales!  Let me know if you buy the scale with the baker's percentage.  I would like to know how you like it.  Pam

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THANK YOU to everyone who replied to my question.  Sorry it took so long to reply, Hurricane Earl knocked out power and my server for 3 days.  Now heavy rain and thunderstorms for the past 15 hours. Lucky to have a lull in the weather and be able to get online.

I've ordered the scale and look forward to experimenting with it this fall.