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9/3/10 - Is it a Meteorite or a Cow Pattie?

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9/3/10 - Is it a Meteorite or a Cow Pattie?

This experiment was inspired by Farine's post on her blog about the Meteorite...

No process pics or anything as I probably screwed this thing up totally along the way...  This dough is "impossibly" wet...  I even decreased the hyration to 95%...  It's like trying to bake poolish...

So here's the question...

Is it a meteorite or a cow pattie?  You be the judge...

Crumb shots tomorrow...



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I'll be nice and call meteorite - although I have seen some cow patties in similar shapes!  But the color is off, so.....

No matter what they look like - how they taste is what's really important.

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Thanks... I"m usually not this "funny"...  I think a 100% rye bread in a similar shape would be closer to a cow patty?  No?  I'll find out tomorrow what they look like on the inside and how they taste...

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It's quite a work of art : )  You could probably even sell it on e-bay if you find a sign!


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Well, it would be a little cleaner stepping on this than a real cow patty...  I wonder if anyone would buy such a thing on ebay?

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Doing things that are generally not acceptable to display on this web site. ;-)

I bet the crumb is spectacular.


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is a Rorschach Test.  

Ummm, nice photo, Tim.

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A lot of Swissness (if that's a word) here at TFL and I'm quite sure we could find a correlation between baking bread and Freud......

Another Swiss


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and that, sir, is no cow patty!

Eh, call it pane rustica, sell it for $6.50 a loaf, and people will fall all over themselves to buy it from you.

Actually, I'm impressed that you were able to move it from bench to oven.  Pretty good results for such a high-hydration dough.


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Anyway, Northern tools offers what may be the answer to your problem: 

Farm-Tuff Manure Spreader - 1800-Lb., 40-Bushel Capacity, Model# MS-4000G


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Thanks Howard.  Next time I try making this bread, I'll have to order me one of those...

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It was a little gummy on the inside like Farine's attempt...  Not sure how the heck you can handle this dough to get the crumb like La Remy's, but then again, they are professionals, and I am but a lowly cow patty maker...

I should just be happy that I got it from the counter into the oven without too much trouble...  The crust is a little thick, but I was more worried about a wet crumb...  I think I also made too much dough to be able to handle this easily...  Farine's recipe uses 1kg of AP, and 1kg of water, which is about 2kg of poolish, or soup...

Honestly, its fun playing around with crazy things like these, but in all seriousness for me, I'm better off sticking to making ciabatta dough than stuff like this most of the time...

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LOL! I think it looks very good. Mission impossible done well. Andrea