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Forgot the salt AGAIN!!!

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Forgot the salt AGAIN!!!

It's not the first time I've forgotten the salt in my sourdough boule..but this time I had to toss it...

I wasn't sure what was wrong when it came out of the mixer, only that it was incredibly sticky.  I perservered and did some half hearted s&f's and let it sit overnight in fridge. It didn't look much better in the morning but I carried on.  After 15 minutes in the oven I lifted off the clay pot I use for steam and it looked even worse..I've never seen a cow patty but I have a feeling that's the shape I had.

I'm pretty sure I left the salt out..I don't add much, only 4g in a 500g boule and yet it made all that difference?

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I got to the point where I decided to make bread and put the salt out first or highlighted it on the recipe card. A few times, I've eaten the bland load with salted butter.

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a couple of weeks ago and after all that work forgot the disaster

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Don't fret- we've all done at one time or another.  The stickiness of the dough is a tip-off however.  I've gotten to the point where when I'm done mixing a dough I'll always take a small taste.  You immediately know whether you forgot the salt!


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I was making a dough for two loaves of sandwich bread in my mixer, setting aside the salt to add into the dough after the 5 min rest.  But of course I got busy and completely forgot about the salt.  The end product was edible, yup, edible is all that I can say.  I baked them in a loaf pan yet the top was all lopsided and the surface looked like some volcanic activities had taken place, crumb was too open for a sandwich loaf, and needless to say the taste was pretty blah!  I ate half a loaf and ended up trashing the rest.  Not the first time that I had done it, and I am sure it won't be the last! :-)

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I've done this many, many times, mainly because I mix everything except the salt and wait for the autolyse, and then continue on my merry way without adding the salt.  Now after that first mixing, I put the salt container right in front of the bowl so that I can't reach the dough without seeing it. I haven't forgotten to do that yet, but I know I will one day. That's why, like Wally, I always taste a bit of the dough.


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That's like the last night, I was making PR's bagels, and while kneading them I kept having to add in extra water. "Man this dough is stiff" I said, until I looked over at the kitchen table and saw my measured out 8 oz or poolish!