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Guisto's "Ultimate Performer" versus "Baker's Choice"?

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Guisto's "Ultimate Performer" versus "Baker's Choice"?

The local health store has two white flours:  Organic Unbleached Ultimate Performer, and Baker's Choice.

It looks like the former is 14g protein (high protein red wheat) while the latter is 4g!

Does high protein translate to high gluten flour?

Which is the best substitute for what is normally referred to as "bread flour" (stretchy rather than cakey crumb).

The flour expert at the store said "it's called ultimate because anything you make will taste better."  Uh-huh.

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I've used both flours, and although they have differences, they are somewhat similar.  Not sure where the 4g of protein for Baker's Choice came from, but its protein levels are not that much lower than Ultimate Performer.  My guess is if Ultimate Performer is 14%, then Bakers Choice might be around 11-12%.

High protein usually correlates with higher gluten, but doesn't have to, with flour such as durum.  They measure the protein, instead of measuring the gluten, but gluten is the majority of the protein that exists in flour.

Both flour's could be considered bread flour, although Baker's Choice probably relates closer to all-purpose (which is also good for bread). Ultimate Performer is organic, so I think its got more minerals, and so might impart a bit more complex taste, but it would be subtle.  It would also probably need a bit more water, and will make a stronger dough.

Either will work fine, and you should probably experiment with a bit of each.

Hope this helps.

Danny Paz Gabriner
Sour Flour

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Giusto's has a website ( It enumerates the specific gluten content of all their baking products.

Might help you choose.