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Extra-tangy sourdough

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Extra-tangy sourdough

I baked two sourdough loaves yesterday, using my recently acquired, and fed KAF starter (reported to come from starter that began 250 years ago in New England). 

the bread is the best sourdough I've ever made, and perfect for sandwiches. I followed the KAF recipe that came with the starter, except for to changes. I had the starter in  the fridge, and just used one coup of it, but did not throw out a cup, and refresh the starter before using it in this batch. Also, in the deep south, it is not possible to let a sponge or the dough rise in a room at 68°–70° F. I couldn't afford the power bill if I kept my house tht cool in the sumer. Actual room temperature was more like 78°. So, the sponge  reached its time for overnight refrigeration in less than the anticipated 5 hours (it was more like 3 hours), and likewise, the next day, the dough, and then the loaves did not need as much time to rise as anticipated. 

A photo of the bread and the recipe are here:



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Thanks for sharing your recipe - Is your starter in this recipe at 100% hydration?

Can't wait to give this a try!

Happy Baking!

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If I calculated correctly, hydration is about 60%. 

I calculated by volume, with the final starter that I used being about 2.5 C flour to

1.5 C water. I used one cup of that starter, then fed the remaining starter and put it back in the fridge.

This is a KAF recipe that came with the starter. so, I can't take credit for it. But it is a good one.