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My favorite's Gateau au chocolat

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My favorite's Gateau au chocolat

This is my favorite's Gateau au chocolat that I got from is posted by Keyua.( )Thank you, Keyua!! Recently I have made this cake changing diffrent kind of chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  I like using dark chocolate to taste bitterness. 

The cake's problem is what I have to wait until next day so that the cake has lots of moisture.


 : Dark chocolate used


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Hi Taketake,

this is very good cake.I lovwe it.


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Thank you for you reply.  My family and my neighbors love this cake that is not too sweet,it is just righ sweetness. when I bite a little of it, it melts in my mouth smoothly.

Happy baking :)


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I love dark chocolate.

Is there an english translator?

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 Hello, spsq, I am sorry that I didn't translate it. If you don't understand, Please let me know. ( I did  in a limited time.)And, Thank you, Perry brown! I appreciate your help.

Circle cake pan size

 18 cm


Chocolate (Use 25% dark chocolate)



Unsalted butter



● Eggs ( yolks /white eggs)


4 1/2

● Sugar ( Divided into a half)

120g (60g for the yolks 

60g for the white eggs)

180g (90g for the yolks

90g for the white eggs)

Heavy cream



▲Cake flour



▲Unsweetened Cocoa powder (baking)



■Confectioner sugar

For surface




  1. The cake pans greased, bottoms lined with parchment paper, and then greased again and floured. (She doesn't use grease before placing the paper and she uses copy paper!)  Preheat 350F


2,Tempering the chocolate at 60F. When the chocolate melted, add the butter, again melt it too.    


3.Shift the▲ flour and the cocoa powder in the same bowl and stir.


4.In a mixing bowl, add a little bit of salt into the white eggs, and  beat the egg whites until foamy, Gradually beat in the half of sugar until stiff peaks form when the beater is raised slowly.

    5.In another bowl, put the egg yolks and the remaining of sugar and beat the egg yolk mixture until whitish creamy.  Add (2)the melted chocolate and butter mixture and the heavy cream and stir.

6.Add the flour mixture into (5) gently using a spatula and strengthen the structure.

7.Mix and Smooth the meringue( the foamy white eggs) once more, and add 1/3 of them into (6) and mix very well until combine . Gradually adding remaining of the meringue dividing 2 times and mix until combine. NOTE: This time, Don't mix too much, mix like scraping down the sides. Otherwise, you will have a flattern cake.


8.Pour and scrape the batter into the prepared pan. Bake 10 minutes at 350F or 180℃. Decrease down to 320F or 160℃ and bake more 30-35 minutes or tester inserted near the center comes out clean and cake springs back when pressed lightly in the center.


9.Let the cakes cool in the pans on racks after taking out the paper on the sides.


10.Cool completely and sprinkle some confectioner sugar on the surface.


* It will be really moisten next day or  up to 4 days.

I used 100% dark chocolate, if you love dark chocolate, you will love it.

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I think this is going to become my favorite also, looks great!



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Hello, Patricia!

I hope so !! and thank you for your compliment.



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called a flourless chocolate cake using almond meal and very rich choc.  I used ground hazelnut in place of almond meal and it tastes equally good.  I'm happy to share the receipe if anyone is interested.