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100% whole wheat bread, from King Arthur's blog

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100% whole wheat bread, from King Arthur's blog

Just made it this past weekend, to test-drive my toaster/convection oven - it was my first time baking bread in it, worked very well.


the bread is surprisingly tasty and light for a whole wheat, so I highly recommend the recipe


If you want to take a look at the result, follow this link, where you will also find the recipe - or you can just go to King Arthur's blog, it is now maybe the 4th recipe from the top


I was looking for a full whole wheat to incorporate in my diet, but of course afraid to end up with cardboard-tasting brick.


this is a keeper for sure!

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Yeah, so that's two more things you can tick off the list! The oven looks ideal and is sure to provide lots of great dishes for you in LA as well as great bread.

Not long to go now.....

Best wishes, Robyn

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Hi, SallyBR :)

As RobynNZ mentioned me about the recipe, I better try to make the 100% whole wheat bread again. It was a failure when I used Walmart brand dry milk. The bread was like a cake. when I eat some crumb, the crumb fell apart like eating  a cupcake or so. Could you tell me what kind of dry milk do you use for the bread?

I am waiting for the book (Dan Lepard's) to borrow at the library where I always go.

It is very refreshing to learn other country's baking. :)




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Hi there...


I used both the dry milk and the whole wheat flour from King Arthur - lucky me, I had both things in my pantry from previous bakings



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Thank you for your reply :)  I use  King Arthur whole wheat flour too. Hmm.... I better buy the one.

Thank you for all your help,


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Your bread looks great!

I make this bread as our everyday sandwich bread.I like the recipe and I usually get good outcomes. The little fat (oil) also helps the bread keep well. I've been adding seeds and sometimes nuts for a little variety.

I don't know if you are aware but there was a recent post here (sorry, I don't remember who's post) that this was KA's most popular recipe.

I really liked your web site - nice job! I especially liked the 'rotating' pictures.



I love your blogs! I'm most impressed with your baking skills.

I have used Walmart's Dry Milk as a last resort. While I would prefer the KA brand or the Carnation, I don't think this was your problem. I have no clue what could have caused you to have a problem with your crumb but I have used the Walmart Dry Milk successfully.

I think you will really enjoy the Dan Lepard book.






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I think that the walmart bland dry milk that I used was expired. I seldom used dry milk since I bought.  Do you know that how long we keep them before throwing out?

Your compliment makes me so happy, Thank you!  There are many folks here have great recipes.   And, I love "King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking" like you! I checked your profile :)   I borrow the book many times from a library whenever I want to read again. I can't copy all of them. LOL  I will ask  my son to buy it for Chrismas. :) 

I bet I will enjoy Dan lepard's book too.  I will post when I make something :)

Happy baking,