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100% whole wheat bread

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100% whole wheat bread

 My husband had been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. The worsest thing is that he has been suffering from panic attack  since he pasted out at the work 3 years ago. I was too silly that I hadn't tried to use 100% whole wheat flour on my recipe. ( My old recipe was 54%(Actually 54.5%)whole wheat bread)  And yet he likes 55% whole wheat bread more than than 85% or 100%.


So, this is My 100% whole wheat bread and 85% whole wheat bread and  55% whole wheat bread recipe

(23cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm) 100% -13cm height and 85% -13-14cm height and 55%- 13-14cm height after baking. 

Note: When you proof the dough too much  before baking, You will have really tall bread, but the top part will be really light.



    写真 This is 55% whole wheat bread



*Warm water  ( 40 or 100F)






*2 Egg yolk (L )  +Heavy whipping cream =

To warm up :10seconds in a microwave using normal mode.


*Whole wheat flour for 100% or All purpose flour or bread flour for 85%

#All purpose flour for 55%



*Whole wheat flour for 100% and 85%

#whole wheat flour for 55%






To soften :20 seconds in a microwave using defrost mode. 


Melted butter for brushing after baking


#I always use all purpose flour. 

1.  Put * ingredients in order except *the flour in a big bowl and mix. Add *the flour and mix. Set aside.

2.手順2の写真  LEFT: Put whole wheat flour and salt in a midium bowl. Right: set the butter in a small bowl. Top: No.1.

3. 手順3の写真 Put the flour and salt mixture in the food processor and hit pulse 5.6 times until combine.

4. 手順4の写真Add *dough mixture and the butter run until combine about 40 seconds or so.

5. 手順5の写真Take the dough out from the food processor, and clean *dough mixture bowl. Put the dough back in the food processor and run until combine.

6.手順6の写真Time to knead by hand for 15 minutes.  Push it down and stretch and fold and repeat over and over. This is very important to get strong gluten development.

7.手順7の写真Put some shortening on a large bowl, and place the dough in. Proof at 28℃ or 32F  for 50 minutes or until the loaf double in size.

8.Punch down to degas gently,Turn the dough onto a counter and divide in 2 and shape. ( It is much better to have beautiful loaf when you measure it) rest for 20 minutes.]

9. Shape : Both oval's height should be around 20cm. * pinch very well!


手順2の写真: Japanese bakery way

手順1の写真: My way: to have taller loaf.  Rolling on the second process. Take a look below.




10. Place each of the dough in a loaf pan like the picture below.( It will rise equally)


11.Pace the dough have equal space in the pan.

手順10の写真: Japanese bakery way ( This picture is white sandwich bread version →

手順12の写真 :My way

12. Proof at 38℃ or 100F  until the dough rises up a little over  the top of the pan. ( around 1.2 hours for 100% whole wheat bread and 1hour for 85% whole wheat bread) * The time is vary depends on the temprature.


13.Preheat the oven to 200℃ or 400F.  Decrease 180℃ or 350F and bake for 30 minutes.


14.Drop the pan with the loaf onto a ground about 15cm height to give the dough shock, and remove it immediately from the pan and cool on a rack for at least 1 hour or so, before slicing or serving. ( * Optional: Brush melted butter on the surface.)

100% whole wheat bread

85% whole wheat bread


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Looks delicious.

I do not understand this part:


*Egg yolk (L )2  +Heavy whipping cream

Normal mode for10seconds in a microwave


How much egg yolk? How much cream? And exactly what does one do to it(them)?

I see you did something similar to the butter. Is the idea here of bringing these colder items to room temperature?


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Thank you for telling me the point, mrfrost. That was totally unclear.

2 egg yolk (L size) + Heavy whipping cream =80g in total.

To warm up : 10 seconds in a microwave using normal mode.

 >I see you did something similar to the butter. Is the idea here of bringing these colder items to room temperature?

Yes, You are absolutely right.


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A nice pictoral overview of the process, and thanks for including the rolling methods used.  The Japanese bakery method looks virtually identical to that used for shaping baguettes.  But I like your variation on it!


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I just wanted to have taller one as like Japanese bakers make. I couldn't get reach up to the height without using Japanese flour. I think some of them have  higher protain than others. 

Threre is another way to shape sandwich when you use a pan with lid. You can see the method. Cllick the site below, This is Japanese but you can see how to shape because there are lots of picturs on the process.

Thank you for your compliment. :)

Happy baking,



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Teketekeさん おはよう

Hope that your husband's blood glucose is stable now.

Your bread is impressive, personally I'm not so fond of soft bread, but I'm sure it tastes good.

Yesterday on the King Arthur blog they posted what they say is their most popular recipe.  It is for a 100% whole wheat sandwich bread. Take a look:

It's good to see you have started your own blog here too. I am looking forward to seeing your posts on it.


teketeke's picture

He is stable when he eats right meal in the right time. That scares me a lot.

I checked this recipe that you told me too. The problem is a budget. It was very airly bread when I used Cheap dry milk.   We spend $110 a week for food which means including condiments too. That is very hard. I don't buy instant noodles, I make mayonnaise,many kind of special Japanese sauce and so on from scratch.

I will try to make a starter soon :) really!!

Thank you, Robyn! ALWAYS!!