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Roll Shaping

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louie brown

Roll Shaping

I am interested in improving my roll shaping skills. This is a very basic sourdough formula of about 67% hydration, bulk fermented for about 3 and a quarter hours in a warm city kitchen, then shaped and proofed for about another hour and a quarter, baked with steam.


I tried some fendus, which, while they had the right shape, were rather bloated for my taste. I prefer the slimmer shape, with a nice point for rolls. I think this will require a wider "hinge" and a narrower body.


I also tried a shape I believe I saw here, although I am not sure. A dowel is pressed into the side of a round roll and a flap is rolled. This flap is then pulled over the top of the roll, making a lovely effect. If this sounds familiar to anyone, I'd appreciate some guidance.


The rolls shown, in a "teardrop" shape, are, as far as I can tell, an original idea, cut to a point with a bench knife from a round shape that has been lengthened a little. People seem to have fun eating them.


Additional discussion about rolls, especially shaping, would be welcomed.


I'm including an additional crumb shot of the batard just because I like the picture.






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Both the Bread Bakers Apprentice by Reinhart and Bread by Hamelman have a section on shaping. The BBA is very clear and has a number of good photos.

You could also look at the training videos at The Back Home Bakery. Mark has some excellent videos that many here have used. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video will change your life.


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louie brown

Much appreciated.


edited to add: a mighty impressive hand operated dividing press at the Back Home Bakery site, but no real insight into shaping beyond the basics. 

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BTW, that's a very nice crumb on your sourdough.


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Very good looking crumb on your batard.  As for the rolls, they remind me of an epi pulled apart, which would be an easy way to do them again.


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louie brown

Many thanks, Larry and Lindy. Finally a weekend cool enough to bake.


I like the idea of pulling apart an epi. 



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Mini Oven

I think you know enough to get ideas from the photos in this file search.  Click on the top file called Folie 1 and check out the pictures. 


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louie brown

for that very interesting link. The pictures are invaluable. If I could read German, no doubt there's much more to learn there.