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What's new

I've been absent from the site for the past week or so for a number of reasons. First we were out of town at a place with a not terribly good internet connection. Then we got back and the whole family got leveled by a nasty cold. We're finally recovering, but I still can't taste much of anything. Even the tablespoon of Sriracha I put in my coconut chicken soup last night was hard to taste.

To top it all off, I accepted a new job this week. Begining in March, I am going to work for Mercy Corps, a company that does good work all over the globe. Disaster relief, fighting poverty, microfinance, truly a noble company that works hard to help the least fortunate and forgotten. I'm honored to have a chance to use my technical skills to make a difference in the world.

What does that mean for The Fresh Loaf? That means that in February I'll try to spend a couple of days getting the upgrades that I've mentioned recently done and get the site to a better place. It probably means that in March, at least while I'm ramping up at the new job, I'll be less active here. I'm certainly not abandoning the site, but I may not be able to spend as much time during the week working on this site and responding to questions as I typically do. The community has been doing a great job keeping discussion going here and helping each other out (hats off in particular to JMonkey, who has been particularly helpful... mountaindog has made some great posts too). I hope we'll be able to keep that kind of momentum and community spirit going here even if I disappear for a few weeks.


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God bless, Floyd

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Good luck with the new job.

Hope he family recovers soon.

Regards from southern mexico.

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Sounds like a wonderful organization and terrific opportunity.  Best of luck.


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And thanks for all your fine work here as well. 

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Congratulations and Good Luck with the new position, Floyd! That sounds like it will be a very rewarding job...anything else we can do to help out with the site, let us know...we appreciate all that you have provided for here.

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for all you have done and everything you will be doing! Mercy Corps has gotten themselves a very dedicated and caring person as demonstrated by your attention to detail and to us bread enthusiasts! Let us know if we can do anything !

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Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Admittedly, I am a bit jealous...

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That sounds like a wonderful organization, Floyd, and we know how lucky they are to get you.  Good luck!