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Pie crust bonded with pie pan

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Pie crust bonded with pie pan

Has anybody ever had their pie crust stick to the pie pan?  Happened to me twice with a Pyrex glass pie dish.  No filling had bled through and the pastry was typical flour, lard, ice water with a little sugar and salt.  I don't use the dish anymore but would love to understand what happened, it seems impossible!

Big thanks to anyone who can clear up the mystery.

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Mini Oven

I'm guessing that there was more heat directed to the sides and top of the pie... upper oven... and this tends to lock in the dough to the pan.  More bottom heat in the beginning making the crust cook outward helps ... lower placement to heat source.  It can be moved up later.  Another trick is to lightly flour the bottom of the crust before putting it in the form, can easily be done after removing plastic wrap used to roll out dough.  If the pie glass is washed in the dishwasher rub a very thin layer of lard on the glass.  Dishwashers can be too clean sometimes.


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>>the mystery . . .

flour + water = glue

cold dough into a warm humid kitchen = condensation on dough

damp dough into pan, gottum' stickies.

potentially the cause if it was sticking everywhere; I've booboo'ed handling dough with wet hands (the 'always wash your hands before . . . ' thing) but that results in just patchy sticking.

bench flour - dust it well (g)

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Mystery solved!

Thank you both for restoring my sanity.  Am guilty of every sin mentioned.  Now I understand why Amish cooks always throw a little flour in before the crust. 

Appreciate the help!!!


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ain't TFL great?  

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I've learned soooo much from the members on this site in so many different areas.  It's informative as well as interesting and am grateful the many experts here are willing to help the newbies.

For me, sourdough knowledge in particular has been wonderful.  Everything from beginning the starter to the final bake is covered somewhere here.

It's my first stop every morning and last at night.