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Old Magic mill from salt lake city, utah

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Old Magic mill from salt lake city, utah

I have found an old wooden magic mill stone grinder on ebay for not a bad price, but im worried that it may need some parts.  Doing a search for magic mill, i only could find a company who sells something called the magic mill, but it is not what i am looking for (  The one i am interested in is heavy, and wooden with a large motor and stones to grind.  It was made in Salt Lake City, utah, and the motor developed specifically for the mill in wisconsin.  The plate on the mill can be seen here,394997760&formats=0,0&format=0 


How does one go about finding parts for it.  What can anyone tell me about this particular milll?  heres another pic.,394997760&formats=0,0&format=0




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Here's one link i found for some parts so i got that going for me.  Any thoughts on the grinder though are appreciated.

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They were the original producers of the Magic Mill, sold their company, and the new owner didn't do so well and Magic Mill went out of business. So they opened a new smaller company and have pretty much been operating under the radar for years. I'd like to see one work and really love the design of their stones, with steel inserts for cracking the wheat and then passing the berries out to the rest of the grinding stone.

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I have bought parts for my Magic Mill at Golden Grain Grinders. It is a good company to deal with.

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I have one in great shape.  Anyone know how much I can sell it for?

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Can you post pictures to show what sort of shape it's in and the model? Take photos of all sides. I have a blog, where many people would be interested in purchasing your magic mill.