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"Spelt Flour"

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"Spelt Flour"

I have a recipe I would like to try, calls for "spelt flour" and I have just recently heard of this (on this and other sites). But have not seen it in any of my grocery stores. We have Kroger, Ingles, Food Lion, and Food Depot also Publix.
What if anything can I use as a substitute and still reach the same taste and quality of the recipe???

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It's hard to know without knowing your recipe how the bread is composed. In grocery stores, you would find it in the health food area in small clear packages, most likely. Or if your flour/sugar aisle has a special area for specialty flours or mixes, look there. I can find spelt flour at ally local groceries.

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It may be hard to find a replacement to achieve the slightly sweet and nuttiness of whole spelt flour, but if you can not find it at any of your local stores, try and use whole wheat flour instead. As long as the recipe does not call for lots of spelt flour I believe it will be ok.

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Do any of the stores you mention carry products from  Bob's Red Mill? I checked their site and they sell spelt flour.

You could substitute kamut flour if you cannot find spelt flour. Bob's Red Mill also distributes kamut flour.

Both spelt and kamut are genetic relatives of wheat. They should perform similarly in a bread recipe.

You could just use whole wheat flour in place of the spelt, if you can't find either spelt or kamut.


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subfuscpersona is right.

From your list of grocery stores, I think we live in the same distribution area and I bought Red Mill Spelt from Food City yesterday.  I've also found a good selection of flours at my (not very local) Ingal's. 

Red Mill generally occupies an area about four feet wide from top to bottom of one side of an isle, so it may not be immediately adjacent to the flour and cornmeals.

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Also, King Arthur carries it, whole spelt flour and white spelt flour. Both are organic.

Jean P.

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Our local Krogers carry spelt flour in the whole foods/organic food section.  Our local Kroger carries Arrowhead Mills Organic Spelt Flour in a 2 lb. bag.  Can't remember what I paid for it - but I guess less than on-line ordering plus FRT.