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White whole wheat in Canada?

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White whole wheat in Canada?

I have been looking for the WWW here in Canada and can't find a source. It may be carried by the "LaMilanese" line..but I priced that out in my local health food store a while ago and, unfortunately, I can't afford that brand.

Anyone find it here?

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wwiiggggiinnss (not verified)

Where in Canada are you?


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I'm in Aurora, just north of Toronto. Do you know of a place that sells it? I want to try adding to my weekly loaves..make them a little bit healthier :)

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wwiiggggiinnss (not verified)

I just posted yesterday on finding a great deal on King Arthur's Hi-Gluten flour simply by emailing King Arthur and asking them if they had a professional distributor in my area (a local food distribution warehouse that sells 50 lbs bags). You might do the same for your area.


The distributor near me is Dawn Foods. Dawn has a location in your area too, and they might carry King Arthur's White Whole Wheat. (It's the second product [sky blue colored label] on this page:


If Dawn doesn't carry it, send King Arthur an email asking them if they have a Ontario distributor near Toronto. They probably do, especially since they're an east coast US company.

Before you balk at 50 lbs., know that buying it in bulk is soooooooo much cheaper than buying it in small quantities. You'll pay more for 5 lbs. shipped to your house than for the 50 lbs. bag you pick up at a local distribution warehouse.


Dawn Food Products, Inc.

Canadian Head Office
75 Vickers Rd.
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 6B6

Phone: 416-233-5851

Customer Service: 1-866-277-3663


If you prefer to buy it in small quantities, however, King Arthur ships to Canada (but you'll pay more for shipping than for the flour).

More information on that here:

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FWIW.  They sell King Arthur white whole wheat here in Florida in the supermarkets (5 lb. bags).  If you can't find it in Canada, King Arthur also sells it on-line.  The downside is the shipping cost may be prohibitive.  Occasionally K.A. offers free shipping on items with purchases of $25 or more. 

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The shipping is not reduced even on "free shipping" periods, if it's headed north across the border. Needs to go with a different shipping method than within the USA.

And yes, it's one durn pretty penny to haul it up here to Canuckistan.

Jackie, you might try contacting Dover Flour, they have a mill in Cambridge (and halifax and Saskatoon) but if they mill WWW, they could probably tell you where in your area you might pick it up.

Their website really sucks but here's one of their interior pages:

You can contact the head office in Burlington or the mill in Cambridge; I'd go for the latter.

There are other millers about as well so some Googling may net you results.

Good Luck.

PS: I use their Vienna Unbleached Bread Flour which I get at Traynor's Bakery Wholesale (yes, they will sell one bag to a single non-company dude) in Hamilton. $13 a 20k bag. I've no idea if they have WWW from any manufacturer. You could call them and ask if they're not too far away. 905-522-2730

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If there's a local bakery in town they may be willing to sell some white whole wheat flour.  If they use www they usually buy it in large quantity.  Just a thought.


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WWW is more expensive for some reason.  I bought some from Nutrasun.   It's called the "Snowbird" line.  Good luck, Tony.

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It would be nice if we could buy the KAF brand up here...I'd guess some of the flour they sell is made from Canadian wheat :)

Ordering online and having flour delivered would just be too expensive up here..our postal costs are prohibitive...I envy your rates in the, I can't see ordering a huge amount since I worry about storage in this heat.

My unbleached bread flour I get from my local bulk barn..I'll try contacting them and see if they can order it in. I can't imagine I'm the only Canadian interested in WWW.

Thanks for the replies!

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I know Canada has great wheat and lots of it.  Don't know if somebody already posted this but here's a link:


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foodslut often do you drive to Buffalo?  Do you have a friend who lives in/around Fort Erie or Niagara Falls?  According to the KAF site, the closest U.S. stores to you would be around Buffalo, NY:

BJ'S (7.4)

Quality Market (7.9)
5274 Main St & Union, Williamsville, NY 14221

BJ'S (8.0)

Good luck with the hunt!


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....someone who imports and sells Bob's Red Mill products, you could ask if they could order some white whole wheat for you.  I have managed to get it a couple of times at a local store that carries Bob's Red Mill products, but I've found that I have to ask for it.

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Try this...take whole wheat pastry flour and swap it for up to half of the white flour in your bread recipe and make moisture adjustments as needed. Alternately you can use a mesh sieve and use regular WW flour and sift the bran bits out. Not quite the same as the KA flour but it might help you make healthier loaves.

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"how often do I drive to Buffalo?"....I haven't been to the US in probably 15 years :)

"try this...take whole wheat..." I don't like the taste of whole wheat, it's too bitter. I do like the taste of the white whole wheat bread that I've bought...hence my question.

Thanks all..I think my answer is "Nope, you can't buy it in Canada"...

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Well, I found White WW Flour in Sobeys in Bridgewater, NS.  The brand is from New Brunswick - Speerville Mills.  It is labelled Whole White Flour but looks darker - somewhere between while flour and reg whole wheat.  It is in my freezer right now and I haven't tried it yet but I believe this flour has been mentioned before in another thread which is why I recognized it in the grocery store.  It was only sold in 5 lb pkg.

I live in the Ottawa and I haven't yet checked the Sobeys stores here to see if they carry the flour but check out the stores in your area - they are pretty much all over ontario now.

I'm going back to NS Labour Day weekend by car so would be glad to bring back bags for anyone who wants it.

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Forgot to mention that I usually buy KA WWW flour just over the NY state border as it is so close to us here.