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ISO Clay pot, covered... that fits Breville oven

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ISO Clay pot, covered... that fits Breville oven

I mentioned recently that we'll be moving for one year to a house without an oven.


Someone mentioned that some clay pots fit in the Breville - I just checked the one I have and it is too big.   If anyone has specific info on where can I find a suitable clay pot, I'll be very very grateful!



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Do you know what the inside dimensions of your Breville are? 

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12 inches deep x  13 + 3/4 inch wide + 5 + 1/4 inch high



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I may not be understanding you correctly, but if it is a terracotta-type pot you are looking for, ask for a "Fern" pot. These are more shallow in profile, so you get the width without extra height. Mine is the biggest I could find, 10diametre to 5inches in height. 

Also, if you can't pull your rack out all the way, you'll need to err on the smaller side in order to be able to cover and uncover the loaves. Experiment with a shoebox to determine your max. dimensions that you can accomodate.