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Pizza for one

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Pizza for one

I've seen a lot of recipes all around the web and in numerous cookbooks that I own for pizza.

I live alone and find that most recipes aren't friendly to the single baker (I can live with sharing bread though).

I own almost every gadget that a baker could want; stand mixer, food processor, bread machine, electric convection oven with massive stone.

I just need some recipes for pizza dough that will keep well in the refrigerator or freezer. I see a lot of stuff everywhere that refers to that, but never any good details. Also, there seems to be a lot of differences as to what kind of flour to use in pizza dough. I'm a big fan of thin crust pizza (fancy that, from someone in the Chicago area), so I'm going to try Reinhart's Roman version next.

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Learn baker's math to make(perfectly) any amount of dough you need, for any recipe.


Also, the perfect site for you is . Hundreds of recipes, of all styles. Personalized help from forum moderator(Pete-zza). Dough calculators. All kinds of advice. Everything a home pizza maker needs. Promise, pizza geniuses over there.

I got so confident making pizza crusts, I decided to give bread baking a go. All of this stuff here at Freshloaf seems not so complicated after focusing first on a small subset of breads. After that, it's mainly just a matter of more ingredients.

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I've had nothing but failure with my pizza doughs... I can make a great loaf of bread but my pizza dough is awful.

I'll give the pizzamaking site a look.  Hope it helps my pizza.  :)

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I'm in the same circumstantial boat as WmTimm627,  I think you have just answered several questions re pizza dough, ingredients, proportions, etc..  Many thanks. 

Bernie Piel

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I've had great success freezing my pizza dough. I form it into balls for individual pizzas, making the balls the size for the pizza I plan on baking, 8" to 14" size pizzas, PR recipes for pizza give you a good idea of how many pizza balls to make from one batch of his dough. I always freeze my dough in individual balls. Place the balls into a lightly oiled plastic bag and then place all into a large freezer zip lock bag, take them out one at a time as needed. Just thaw it on the counter a couple of hours before baking. Perfect for a quick night pizza.


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I'm in the same situation as you - in that my wife doesn't like my pizza - so I just make them for myself, most of the time.

Here's one I made recently, on my blog:

It's a vegan one, but of course you could use any topping you like on it. As we can all agree, the base is the key.

I think it's important not to stress too much about ingredients, methods, etc. As long as your dough is soft and squishy, it'll be fine.

This is the recipe I use if I’m in a hurry. But there are ways to improve it. I often use a 70% hydration (meaning 140g of liquid in the above pizza). This makes a sticky dough which I then knead for 10-20 seconds several times over an hour or more. 

As soon as it is manageable (still sticky, but any bread you're going to roll out with flour can be a lot stickier than a dough for bread rolls, for instance), I'll cover it by inverting the bowl over it, and leave it for a couple of hours until I'm ready to bake it.

I'm not a great fan of freezing dough or keeping it in the fridge, but if you want to, any dough can be kept this way.

About my pizza base, I’m a bit of a curry freak and I think adding curry (powder or paste) to the base just lifts it to a different level.

On the deep-pan or thin crust angle, it all depends on the size of the pizza you finish up with. A pizza made with 200g of flour will make a deep-pan pizza if you roll it out to 25cm (10”). If you make 2 pizzas the same size, they’ll be thin-crust.

I like a happy medium, myself!

Cheers, Paul