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Brief Baking Un-Hiatus - 7/30/10 - Large WW Boule...

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Brief Baking Un-Hiatus - 7/30/10 - Large WW Boule...

Hey All,

Just wanted to say hi to all of you and share with you my bake from last night.  It's a very large WW boule.  It's sort of the whatever flour I had left in my kitchen type bake...  It turned out to be about 62% WW, 38% AP, and approx 70% hydration.  Here are the pics.  It turned out to be about 1890g after baking...  Enjoy!



792g Organic WW (Whole Foods 365)

480g Organic AP (Whole Foods 365)

890g Water

26g Kosher Salt

4g Instant Yeast (1 tsp)



10:08pm - Mix all ingredients by hand in large metal mixing bowl, knead 10 minutes, transfer to lightly oiled plastic tub (at least 4 L in size), place in refrigerator.

11:00pm - Turn dough, cover, return to refridgerator.  Make sure your refrigerator is set to 40F.


9:30pm - Take dough out of refrigerator, turn dough, leave on counter.


12:00am - Shape dough into large boule, place in lightly floured linen lined basket, cover with kitchen towel, proof for 60-90 minutes.  Place baking stone and steam pan filled with lava rocks in oven, preheat to 500F with convection.

1:00am - Turn convection off.  Turn dough out onto lightly floured peel, slash as desired, place in oven directly on baking stone.  Place 2 cups of water into steam pan, close door.  Turn down to 460F, bake for 1 hr, rotating at 30 mins.  Turn oven down to 440F, bake for another 20 minutes.  Turn oven off and leave loaf in for another 10 minutes.  Total baking time will be 1hr, 30 minutes.  Loave is done when the internal temp has reached 210F, and the has lost 15% of it's prebake weight.  Cool completely before cutting and eating, 12-24hrs.




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That is a very impressive loaf of bread. It is a demonstration of your knowledge of how things work in baking. Well done and a great job managing the development and growth of the dough.


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Thanks...  I've been not baking so much due to the heat here, and it's nice to know I can still bake a good loaf...

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Great looking bread, Tim.  Amazing crackles on the crust!

I recall you said your kitchen didn't have a/c and I'm not sure what impresses me more - your cool looking boule or the fact you even baked given the heat and humidity in NYC.

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Thanks!  I wasn't sure what I was going to get out of the oven this time...  I am very pleased...  The weather hasn't been so bad the past few days, so I wanted to give it a try again...

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zoltan szabo

Nice loaf, love thats big crack on the side and rustic look!

Well done!

Happy Baking Zoltan