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Extra long rise?

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Extra long rise?

I am making molasses wheat bread (2 loaves) and normally let it rise for 45 minutes to an hour on the first rise.  Would my bread be ruined if I let it rise longer?  I need to run to the store and should be back in about an hour but my dough only has 20 minutes left to rise. 

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Stick it in the fridge to slow the rise until you get back.

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Your post brings up for me two questions. How do you know the rise time is enough, to make great crumb and good expansion in the loaf, but not so long that I have big bubbles. Also, how do I keep the outside from drying out while rising?

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I'm about to embark on my fist raisin loaf using molasses, a recipe I got for another TFL member. I've only ever used the knead and proof method and can easily monitor the rise after 60 - 90 mins. which is just right timing for the tropical weather we're experiencing in HK  I've never tried putting the dough in a fridge.  I'm slightly worried that I over-proof the dough if I leave it in the fridge too long and whether I need to let it sit for extra  few hrs when it is out of the fridge to let it return to room temp.