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Whole wheat bread.

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Whole wheat bread.

I was making Reinhardt's Transition Whole Wheat bread. Preheated my oven to 425 F and forget to reduce to 350 F. Created ballast for my garbage can. During baking, I wondered why my oven smelled of burned bread. Thought it needed cleaning.

New batch is under way. By evening I'll have an unscorched loaf.

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midwest baker

Please post pictures. I've been meaning to make that bread. It looks so good in the book.

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Pretty funny ...I nearly did the same thing last weekend with Hamelman's oatmeal bread.  In my case, I was watching a movie and forgot about the bread ...until I smelled 'toast', heh heh.  The crust softened up a little after a couple of days in a plastic bag, so we are making good use of it after all :)