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German Many Seed Bread

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German Many Seed Bread

Today's baking was my (less sweetened) version of the German Many Seed Bread from "Whole Grain Baking". Instead of a soaker and a biga I used just the soaker with stretch & fold technique for the first time, adding some more water. The breads turned out really nice, I think it's an improvement.

Sorry, no crumb shot - these breads were for sale.


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WOW! Hanseata, i'll have to give it a shot one day.

How did it taste?

thanks for posting it!

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I bet you sold out in minutes Hanseata!

Very tempting looking loaf

Best wishes


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It looks really delicious.

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This time I didn't make an extra loaf for myself, my freezer is full to the gills, but it's nice and crunchy and I like it a lot.

I reduced the original amount of 28.5 g honey to 19 g, because I thought it was too sweet (German breads are usually not sweet, unless it's dark rye or enriched sandwich or challah type breads).

I also like the eggwash with sesame topping.



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Your breads are consistently temptiing.  I can just smell this coming from  the oven, Hanseata.  Is the recipe on your blog?


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