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I went to Spain and discovered tostas.  It's a mystery to me because it has the qualities of both a quick bread and a yeast bread as well as a biscuit.  Can anyone point my to a recipe?  It's a simple staple in Spain but do you think that I can find it anywhere on the internet?  Any Spanish bakers out there that might be willing to share their recipe?

Thank you!

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David has a great one here in TLF, and googling will reveal several recipes.

If it is indeed tostas, I could not find anything either.


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La masa

tostada being 'toasted'.

A tosta is just a slice of toasted bread, usually with some savoury items on it.

There are a few recipes here (in Spanish):

The bread used is usually a white yeasted bread, nothing special.

Another thing that may be called tosta is this Swedish bread:

Where did you find your tostas? Spain is not a very big country, but things can change a lot depending on where you are.