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Sourdough English Muffins

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Sourdough English Muffins



I know there have been plenty of entries on the subject of English muffins here on TFL, but I actually just made them for the first time recently. Somehow or another the thought just hadn't crossed my mind but these were delicious! I almost feel guilty buying those 100 calorie whatcha ma-call-its for so long! This is one of the only things that I've made that came out looking so identical to a store bought product. Although they came out looking the same the flavor and texture was out of this world! 

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jeremiahwasabullfrog's picture

"neo-homesteading" - nice handle, i like it.

the muffins look amazing too - inspired me to try!

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grace tang

I have tried a few recipes and yours came out the best.   Thanks for sharing.  This is a great site.

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Thanks! I'm glad other people have tried them and liked my recipe.