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Rye Experts-I could use your input...

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Rye Experts-I could use your input...

I am thinking about retarding a high percentage rye bread. I have never doen this before and don't know if it would be advisable.Currently I have the full amount of I could just feed and/or salt it and proceed tomorrow...or stay up late to bake. BUT do you think I could mix the dough and retard it in my fridge straight away and then proceed tomorrow morning.

Here's the recipe:

600g whole rye flour

400g whole wheat

500g sourdough (edited to add: this is an all rye SD at abt 80% hydration)

abt 5/8 l water

2 tbl salt


What do you think?


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in rhe frig and have had great sucess. I use a different recipe but i'd say go for it. Good luck and keep notesl Patrick frim Modesto

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Mini Oven

You're up in 70% Rye territory.  I would mix in the morning. 

You could mix everything except the rye flour together and retard.  That way the wheat gets a good soaking.  In the morning add the rye. 

You do have a fair amount of starter...  I would mix in the morning because you will be expecting about a 3-4 hour rise after mixing to bake.   High % Ryes generally don't retard well in refrigerators, too cold.


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I'm with mini.

Never had success working cold with high rye.



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Oops, my post disappeard. Oh well. Thanks for chiming in....I decided against retarding last night-as enticing as the idea sounded at first I thought it would surely result in overproofing,since in my experience the rye dough hits a certain point after which fermentation just takes off.Anyways, now I just have to give my husband and quick rye primer so that he sticks the bread in the oven at the right moment.Hmmmm,maybe retarding would have been safer after all?

Wish me luck


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Since I retard all my final doughs overnight in the refrigerator, I do the same with my Vollkornbrot, Schwarzbrot and all other dark rye sourdoughs. I never had any problem baking them the next morning, whether they were 100% sourdough or mixed leaven.

I remove them from the fridge to come to room temperature for at least two hours before shaping.