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Self-made steam-injected oven

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Self-made steam-injected oven

Hello everybody ! I am Michael and I am here just a week.

I live in the country where baking is unknown game and it is extremely difficult to buy anything related to baking ( for home baker ).  So I made my own steam oven in 5 minutes.

I took a shower pipe , removed inner plastic pipe, connected one side to the pressure cooker and the other into the oven. Everything fits perfectly tight without any nuts and bolts. then, of course, boiled water and got an enormous amount of steam inside oven.

Has anyone made something like this before, as I'd like to exchange experience ( length of the pipe, time ) .

pipe into oven

pressure cooker with pipe

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This is very cool.

I've often thought of doing something like this myself, but I had expected to use copper pipe. Does it give good results?


I had wondered if too much steam would condense in the pipe, but it seems you do OK?


Thanks for sharing




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Mini Oven

Is it just pinched in the door?

Mini Oven

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There is a removable tray at the bottom of the oven, so I removed it and used the opening to insert the pipe. The pipe is metal and it is hot all the way to the oven ( 1 meter something ). I need to measure temperature inside oven while steaming ( when I will get thermometer ).

I proofed with steam for a while ( mostly just to test steam ) then took out the dough and started the oven. When hot placed loaves in it and started steam again ( the water was hot ). I could regulate amount of steam given inside. Baked with steam for 12 minutes then removed the pipe, closed the opening and continued baking.

The results : Better then with other methods of steaming I had tried. Not as I pictured - red brown, but satisfying.