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pan de orno

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pan de orno

I was wondering if anyome has a fromula for the Spanish pan de orno? I have found some vague references to it, but not any solid formulas. Please help!



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La masa

Not orno but horno (=oven).

I'm Spanish and never heard of this Pan de Horno before.

Actually, every bread I bake is a "pan de horno" because it comes from an oven :-)

Where did you find your references?

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Here in the Southwest, Pueblo Indians bake bread in the horno, which is made of adobe and plastered with mud, much like any kind of hearth bread baked in a heat-retaining oven heated with wood.

The Spanish settlers took many of the food traditions of the local tribes, and likewise contributed their own traditions, so we find foods that are shared by both cultures. I believe this bread would certainly be one of them, but in current time the tradition is continued by Pueblo women, who often sell their bread by the roadside in stands or on the plaza or at fairs or pow-wows. It's a plain white bread made in a boule shape. It's rarely to my taste, being neither long-risen nor usually fresh. No disparagement intended, it's just the way it seems to be.