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Jewish Bakers Thread: too long maybe?

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Jewish Bakers Thread: too long maybe?

Not sure if there is a better way to deal with it, but I'm having trouble navigating through the huge JB Testers thread -


I understand it is nice to keep all content in a single place, but should we maybe start another one?  It is taking a long time to load, and sometimes my computer freezes and I have to start all over - maybe I'm not the only one having troubles, so I decided to mention it here.



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Mini Oven

The computer doesn't freeze, it justs stops at the first page and doesn't continue, mine does that too unless I change the page size. 

Click on the topic name  NY... , then scroll to the bottom using the scroll bar where the page numbers appear,  click on the last page and scroll to the bottom of it.  Just before the next comment there are options for viewing the comments.  The third one over is for page size, click on the little arrow and highlight 300 comments per page and then save option.  Now when you click on a comment, it should pop up. 

I do have to agree that the Thread is very very long.  Sometimes I have to hit the refresh botton to pull in all the pictures.


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That helps a lot indeed, thanks!


I wonder what will happen when  a new coment shows up?  Will I be directed straight to that page?  I guess so....


ok, I can live with the new "environemnt" then -



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Sally and Mini,

I took it upon myself to go ahead and create a "continuation" thread - I too agree the original one was getting too long.  I put a link in the last post in the original thread to the new thread and place the first post in the new thread with reason for its creation and a link bakc to the original thread.  The two thread subject names are:

FORUM GEAR > BOOKS > NYBaker/Norm's Book Recipe Tests (original thread)

FORUM GEAR > BOOKS > NYBaker/Norm's Book Recipe Tests - CONTINUATION #1 (new thread)

Hope this is OK?


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Happy Camper here....   ;-)