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exploding loaves!

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exploding loaves!

uh oh!  this happened again!  As usual, my timing for baking was way off.  I tried to fit breadmaking into a very busy day.  Same batch as usual, 123 sourdough with 1/3 of the flour being whole wheat.  I took the dough from the fridge and divided it into 3 batards.  Let rest 20 minutes and shaped into 3 baguettes.  scored with slashes.  The "porcupine" loaf was cut by my 5-y-o daughter. and that one split up the side;  whoops.  I don't think I sealed them well enough, and the porcupine cuts aren't deep enough.  The other 2 are all my fault.  Not sure what happened;  lots of oven spring.  Is this due to underproofing? (note, I am quite pleased with the two loaves, they turned out great!)

the diagonal slashed loaf came out great.  The long lengthwise one less so;  I've seen examples of that on this site, but haven't tried it.  And the porcupine loaf exploded.  crumb shot when it cools if I can wait that long......


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OH OH OH I couldn't wait.  Look at the holes!!!!  My first big holes!!!

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good job!

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I've found success while "punching down" to use a rolling pin to get all bubbles out.  Then I roll up the dough to form the loaves.  This makes for a consistent grain with no large bubbles.  I dare say it also prevents "explosions."

Are you doing anything to give it a hard crust?  Because, the crust can bake first and then break when air in the rest of the loaf expands.

Just a couple of ideas.

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Lovely colour you've got; your own diagnosis is spot on: the fault you can see is down to under proof.