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So this is my first Introduction entry to the fresh loaf site. My name is Cat, I'm a homemaker, wife and mother of two young sons. My primary passion is of course being a mother but my real fascination is being a cook and baker. I run my own blog at, my short term goals are satisfying my families need to eat, and ideally I'd like to publish a cook book. My long term goals well... I'd like my children to be grown with fond  memories of how I tried extra hard to give them cherished food memories, for as long as I can remember I've documented things in my mind by the foods of each occasion. Many years from now I really just want my family to have great memories and to be proud of me. 

Although I maintain my own personal blog regularly I plan to update on this site as well. For a few years now I've become mildly obsessed with all things bread, and sourdough especially. I do bake from scratch and often make every meal as home made as possible but my passion is baking and fermenting. In addition to being obsessed with bread I also home brew my own meads, wines and beers, and I'm fond of home preserving. The absolute perfect supper to me is a glass of home brewed mead, a loaf of crusty bread and sometimes even a home preserved chutney or jam. So this is my hello I hope to offer something to this lovely bread head community! 


Dearest Regards, 



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Hello and welcome!

Sounds like (and looks like) you know what you are doing! Can't wait to see the wonderful creations you cook up.



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Very pretty patterns - any photos of the crumb?  

Also, is there a place at your site where the ingredients are listed by weight, rather than by volume?  I'm a total klutz when it comes to using volume since my cups of flour never weigh the same.

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Lovely loaves with beautiful slashes.  Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


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And welcome to TFL!  Those are beautiful patterns on those loaves!  Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.




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Thanks very much for the welcoming and comments! 


Lindy: I do not use weight on average, although it may be absolutely the most accurate way, as a home baker I've found it easiest and most convenient in documenting recipes by volume (and I have not found my bread to taste worse because of it.)


I think I may have seen calculators that can be posted directly on my site and I will look into that, however these links are very informative on basic ingredient conversions. Hopefully they are helpful.


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Hi Cat!

So glad you are publishing on TFL.  I checked out your website; it is truly amazing!  You have a huge talent, and I wish you the best of luck.  When you publish your cookbook, I'll be in line!


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Hi Cat!

Good to have you join us. Absolutely lovely loaves and wonderful slashing. I will look forward to your inspirational postings!

Bake On!


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It's very gratifying to have your grown-up children asking you for recipes of dishes they fondly remember from their childhood. It's very sad that so many kids grow up with just take-out food at home.



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Welcome to TFL, Cat. Your bread photos look great and I am sure they taste as good as they look.  Have no fear about being remembered and treasured by your family.  All it will take is for the first youngster to leave the nest for school/college and have to eat dorm or cafeteria food for the first time.  That will be a reality shock and they will remember what they had.  So welcome again, and enjoy.  Look forward to more postings.



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Reuben Morningchilde

Welcome to TFL, Cat!
I've had a look around at your blog, and I have to say it's intriguing and I really look forward to your next posts both here and there.