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NYBakers' Hermits - What to do with leftover cookies

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NYBakers' Hermits - What to do with leftover cookies

Baking a big batch of NYBakers' test Hermits left me with the question: what to do with the leftovers? There's only a limited amount of gingerbread cookies that two people can eat - especially if it's very hot outside and Christmas still far away. And there was this pretty, unopened bottle of Limoncello, sitting in my pantry since our spring holidays in Positano/Italy, home of gigantic lemons and wonderful pastry.

Since I have not mastered the art of making mille-feuille filled with lemon cream (yet) the next best thing cool I can think of is lemony cheesecake. Using a master cheesecake formula from "Fine Cooking" magazine as guide line, I combined Hermit leftovers and Limoncello in the first American cheesecake I ever made - and it was not at all dense and heavy, but nearly as light as my German Kaesekuchen, and tasted really "cool"!

Limoncello Cheesecake

Link to recipe:



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Two blogs in a row dealing with cheese cake! I sense the hand of destiny afoot.
Thanks for the recipe link.


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Mmm, scrumptious!

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I don't iike using gelatine other when it's really necessary, either.

I have to confess that the Limoncello was not a temptation for too long time. The thought of airtravel hassle with a bottle of liquor prevented importing one from Italy. The idea, though, was planted, and when we crossed the Canadian border in June for my stepdaughter's graduation, I made a point of buying Limoncello (the same they had in Positano).

Unfortunately my husband gets severe headaches from drinking alcohol (it doesn't affect him if it's in cooked or baked foods), and I'm not a lone drinker, so those nice liqueur bottles are mostly kept for culinary purposes.

I just baked another cheesecake with the rest of leftover hermits: Raspberry Cheesecake with Creme de Cassis. Photo and comment on taste will follow - and a link to the recipe if it's as good as it looks.