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hazelnut loaf and plain sourdough

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zoltan szabo

hazelnut loaf and plain sourdough

Hello to everybody,

I never had the opportunity to post anyhing a while now, but I try to keep up myself with the development on this website.

Many of you guys are baking really really nice looking loafs so I would like to promote every1 not to give up the good work! I also spotted that many of yous building wood fired ovens wivh is very inspiring and this time I wish I wouldnt stay in a flat. Anyway.....

Please find below a few pictures from some of my recent bakes, the first picture is a hazelnut loaf, very nice, charactheristic flavour, I roasted the hazelnuts until they where almost really dark brown so the fragrant flavour was quite intense. Also I added a touch of hazelnut oil to it.

The next is my first retarded loaf. I used my usual recipe, posted on the website earlier.



So...... I would like to ask for  some advice and comments about retarding. I made my dough then i left it to proove for 2hrs. Folding after 40min. Then i placed into the fridge until next day morning. I gently removed from the oiled bowl and put into the heavily floured banneton. I let it rest for about 3hrs, then I removed from the prooving basket onto a hot tray and then baked it on 210C.  I noticed that the large air boubles stayed on the top of the loaf. I would like to ask you guys to give me some feedback on my method as well as some advice on how can i move those air pockets so there are everywhere and not just on the top.

Looking forward for the comments!

Thanks and happy baking!




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I especially like the hazelnut loaf - that sounds like a good combination.

I don't recall your recipe - is this a sourdough leavened bread only, or is yeast added to your starter?  I'm wondering if the tight crumb toward the bottom of the loaf could be a sign of overproofing.



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It looks like somewhat overproofed, but please, let us know your formula.

I love hazelnuts, unfortunately they are very expensive here in Maine if you can get them at all, and no nursery sells them. I have two little hazelnut seedlings in my garden, hoping ardently that they grow fast enough for me to one day harvest some nuts (and that my husband doesn't mow them down accidentally).


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Both of your loafs look very nice. I never tried a bake bread with nuts in it. But maybe I should give it a go sometimes. I am sure those breads tasted wonderful.