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Red White and Blue Shortbreads

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Red White and Blue Shortbreads

Made these for my Blog for the 4th and they turned out great! Just wanted to share the tasty love.  The shortbreds were lovely and flakey and just right. This is the best recipe I have ever used. It is slightly adapted from one I found in a southern living cookbook, but I used less butter.




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the one thing that I do is something I found on a recipe site, (I collect heritage recipes as well as modern ones) they cut the biscuits and buttered the top of one bunch say 6, and then placed the other uncooked biscuits on top, bake in a hot oven (I have baked them in the BBQ) 450F for 20 minutes or the BBQ for about 12, the BBQ acts more like a convection oven so the baking time is less. Then when you split the stacked biscuits they come apart easily. I find this works great for me, since I like my biscuits thin and crusty, and this gives the best of both worlds.


They made my mouth water, so hopefully we will find a few wild strawberies to have shortcakes with this week.