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Whole Wheat Bread Vs. Whole Wheat levain From "BREAD"

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Whole Wheat Bread Vs. Whole Wheat levain From "BREAD"

Two 50% wholewheats i have baked from"BREAD", one is wild yeasted, and the other is commercial yeasted.

WHOLE WHEAT LEVAIN (50% wholewheat):

I baked this lovely light loaf on a stone under a pyrex bowl, but i failed to get the even color round the loaf (its tough when you have a gas oven).

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD (50% wholewheat):

This loaf was sweeter, than wholewheat levain, and somewhat lighter in texture. I managed to get an even browning on this one because i baked it on a stone in a poultry roaster with a lid, with a lava in a pan source of steam.

 The latter one is a keeper for me though, my family dont't appreciate the sourness of artisan breads. Oh well.




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Both loafs look very nice indeed.

To bad your family doesn't like sourdough. I could convince my husband and kids after a while of trying different breads with wild yeast.

Keep up the good Work.


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Hi Mebake, the two loaves are both very pretty. Did you steam then cover the roaster? Both crusts seem to have about the same amt. of shine or gloss. The darker metal roaster might have exerted a different result, than the pyrex bowl. (just a guess) Were the two loaves otherwise baked the same, time / temp?

Very lovely results, lots of appeal.  Ray

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Thanks Noor! :)

Thanks, Ray! No, i inverted the proofed loaf onto the preheated stone in the roaster and then poured water into the hot iron pan with lava rocks, and returned the lid. Black roaster creats an enclosed space ideal for browning.

update: I have two ceramic tile stones, so i squeezed the other into the lid, and preheated it. The latest loaves opened up, and i had oven spring with no dough spread this way (no steam here, only from the loaves). Seems i'll stick with that.


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Hi Mebake, thanks for enlarging on the steam method. What on earth keeps the  lid stone in place? I would have thoght the heat expansion would be enough to loosen it. Very imaginative methhod by the way.  Ray

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Good Morning Mebake:

  Your breads look beautiful and I am certain tasted wonderful. Could you share the recipe?



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Hi, Ray

I thought of heat expansion when i put it, but i did press it hard into the roaster lid that it dented the sides, and the roaster is coated with some material to prevent warping at high temperatures, so no fear of release.

Hi Mantana, thanks

Well, it wouldn't be ethical, let alone legal, to share a recipe published in a commercial book. But i shall give you hints:

Use a 15% White preferment (with yeast) with salt and let it sit for 8 hours at least. Final dough contains more yeast and contains honey. Folding the dough half way through bulk fermentation. Steaming is very essential for first 15 min.

Good luck!

Thanks Danai!