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AP vs. bread flour

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AP vs. bread flour

I usually bake with a mixture of KA White Whole Wheat and General Mills Better for Bread. The local Safeway stopped carrying the BfB. I baked a few times using some General Mills AP rather than BfB. I was disappointed in the results. My loaves seemed dry, flat, and blah. I found another local supermarket that carries the BfB, so I was able to bake with that again. Big difference! Loaves rose higher, seemed moister and more flavorful.

It's a bother having to shop at two stores to get the flour I need, but that's better than flat, dry bread.

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You can get good risen flour from AP too you know. It takes some skill though, as you have to know how to develop gluten as you progress in stages from mixing to final shaping. Gentle is the key word here, no tearing!