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Is On Hiatus...

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Is On Hiatus...

Hey All,

I am on baking hiatus until Fall, or at least until it gets cooler here in NYC...

Until then, happy baking!



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I let my sourdough starter go, but I'm still working with pan-baked flatbreads such as rota, tortillas and will be trying a pan baked pita.

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It has been over 93 every single day for DAYS here in AL. I am still baking ! You guys in NYC are really wimps ! :)  We will look forward to when you get back in the oven . c

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Do you have AC in your kitchen?  Well, I don't...  Plus, I'm on the 7th floor and as we all know, heat rises...  ;oP

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is a baker's dream - and one that has come true at my house.

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Just returned from NYC last night, Tim, so I know what your suffering through.  I'd stay away from turning on the oven as well.  Actually, you may be able to bake on the sidewalk!

I hope things cool down as we have a return trip the first week of August.  Didn't get a chance to visit any of the good bakeries on this trip, so I've been eating nothing but lousy bread for the past week.  It's great to get home and pull out a loaf of my own sourdough from the freezer.

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i live in phoenix az. we do most of our baking on a gas grill set to 350*F - 450*F. we heat the grill to the correct temp & use only 1 burner. we then cover & bake. we made rolls yesterday on the grill & after that we cooked small hamburgers; basically sliders.

we try not to use our oven after 12 noon because of the a/c. we also use our crockpots & the microwave a lot.

in our area of phx we reached 110*F today

take care, claudia